How to use UTM Parameters in DC Mixhub?

What is UTM ?

UTM is a code used in event URLs to track analytics data like where people are coming from and how they found out about the event. DC Mixhub allows event organizers to create UTM parameters themselves without using other marketing tools.

Using UTM parameters helps organizers see which marketing campaigns are working and where registrations are coming from. Marketers can use this information to improve their marketing strategy and get more people to register for future events.

Working of UTM

UTM parameters are like tags that can be added to the link of an event registration page. When someone clicks on the link, the system receives the tags and can track information about where the person came from and how they found out about the event. This is a really useful tool for event organizers because it helps them understand their audience better and improve their events based on this information. If you want to learn more about UTM parameter tracking, you can find more information here.

How to Create UTM Tracking Code ?

  • Here are quick steps to create the tracking code - 

“Event dashboard > about event > landing page  > theme  >  info  >  Click on UTM generator “

  • Additionally, as visuals work better we have also provided this in visual format. Here’s the link - . To generate UTM tracking links, an Excel spreadsheet containing all the shareable links will be saved in your system. These links can be used to create and share UTM links with the marketing team.

Reporting Details

  • Go to Event dashboard>Analytics.
  • Download CSV of all users click on Export All. The last 3 columns in the CSV will show you the source medium campaign.
  • Here’s an image to illustrate -

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