How to upload a list of attendees for an event and send invites via email on DC Mixhub?

When an event organizer uses DC Mixhub, they can choose how they want their participants to enter and access the event. Broadly, there are two ways to invite attendees for your event. 

  • Signup Based -   Anyone with the link can join.

  • Invite based - If an event organizer uploads a list of attendees' email addresses in a CSV file on DC Mixhub, only those people on the list will be able to enter the event. Anyone who tries to access the event through the link but is not on the list will not be able to join and will receive a message stating that the event is private. Steps for quick access have been provided below - 

“Go to event dashboard  > Attendee tab  >  invite attendee  >  download sample csv format  >  Upload the file on the suggested format “

  • Important :  To create a profile on DC Mixhub, event organizers must include attendees' names, email addresses, and mobile numbers in a CSV list. This information is mandatory and must be added to the list to proceed.


  1. How can I send automatic mails to all the invitees (In case of registration via invitation) ?

  • This feature is coming soon on our platform

  1. What is the word limit for “About Section” ?

  • 1000 words

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