How to Add Form Fields on Registration Microsite Page?

Before jumping into the registration process, let’s quickly explore the terms “Microsite” and “Form Fields”. This is essential for better understanding of the process - 

What Is a Microsite ?

A microsite is a separate, dedicated website or a single web page that is created to serve as a specialized or targeted hub of information for a specific campaign, event, product or service. Microsites can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, advertising, promotion, and informational or educational purposes.

What Is a Form Field ?

A form field is an input field on a web form that allows users to enter data, such as text, numbers, or selections, that is then transmitted to a server for processing or storage. Form fields are essential components of web forms, which are used for a wide variety of purposes, including user registration, surveys, online orders, and contact forms.  

Now, let’s complete the process in quick steps - 

Step 1 

  • Information tab is to create input fields of information the organizer wants to capture from attendees on the Registration process. Name & Email are mandated fields which are present by default. Enter Input Field title in the left box and select the type of response to capture from the dropdown list in the right box.

  • Delete already added fields by clicking on the Delete icon next to each input field. 

  • Use the “Add New Field” button to add on more input fields.

  • “Enable check-in for attendees”  dropdown on the top allows you to set time for enabling the login for attendees on the event platform.

  • Check/Uncheck Mandatory options as per requirement. 

Step 2

  • After filling out all the necessary information, organizers can include important details like consent, agreement, and privacy policy in a section at the bottom of the page called the "Disclaimer". If the organizers want to give users an option, they can add a box that the user can tick to indicate their preference. 

  • Select the color of the disclaimer text you highlight on your primary color of page. Once Done, Click Save & Next.

Select complete text.

  • Go to color options, highlighted in the image.
  • Choose Text color and select a color.

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